My professional services have one goal: to help your team succeed




Clients often hire me on writing projects because of my expertise in plain language. With a background in journalism, I know how to research topics to produce news and feature articles, like this one. These days, clients mostly ask me to craft case studies, brochures, websites—the kinds of documents that matter to organizations. I belong to the international association, PLAIN.





During 15 years as a member of Editors Canada, I have taken pride in making my clients' reports, handbooks and other texts clear and correct. I often joke that I’m someone who knows that apostrophes are not for decoration! My services include substantive, stylistic and copy editing.  What I offer depends on what you--and that important document or website--need.




Since 1997, I have trained hundreds of professionals seeking to master plain writing skills.  I use dialogue education to design unique training events for groups. If you are part of a team, contact me and we will plan a workshop for your staff. I also offer training and coaching to individuals.  Check out the menu for this service, which I offer electronically only.